1.   Can I pay Cash on Delivery (COD)?

2.   Do you offer a quantity discount?

3.   I do not have a PayPal account. How do I order cliMATE®?

4.   Will it work with Mercedes Benz with manual transmission?

5.   Can I become a cliMATE® installer/distributor?

6.   Is cliMATE® compatible with my Mercedes model?

7.   Is the price the same in every country?

8.   What is the warranty on cliMATE®?

9.   Will your product void Mercedes warranty?


1.   My Mercedes has KeylessGo. Will it work?

2.   My Ignition key is an old type from black plastic. Will it work?


1.   Can cliMATE® damage other electronic components in my Mercedes?

2.   Where do I get the cliMATE® installation manual?


1.   From which country do you ship cliMATE®?

2.   How much does the shipping cost?

3.   How much is the customs duty?


1.   cliMATE® runs the engine for 12 minutes. Can I change that?

2.   cliMATE® starts when I click Lock-Unlock-Lock. Can I change that?

3.   I can remotely start the engine. Why is the heating/cooling still OFF?

4.   There is no starting. Direction indicators blinked a few times. Why?

5.   My indicator lights blink when running the cliMATE®. Can I turn it off?

6.   Remote start works. Why is there no countdown on the display?

7.   Where do I get the cliMATE® User Manual?

8.   Where do I return a unit?

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